Category: Anthropology

  • Characteristics of human language

    Characteristics of human language

    So I thought for this post I’d go over a more general topic, and that is some characteristics of all human languages. And I emphasize human because we know that other animals communicate, but their methods of communication differ from human language in certain key ways.

  • Ancient familiarity with Africa

    Ancient familiarity with Africa

    Modern television shows set in ancient Greece and Rome will probably give viewers the impression that blacks existed only as part of the slave class, like in Antebellum America.

  • Dogon science

    Dogon science

    In 1947, the Dogon council of elders and the most important priests gathered to reveal their expertise and vast scientific knowledge of the celestial world to two French anthropologists, shaking up the previously established eurocentric consensus that indigenous scientific knowledge in Africa was kept to voodoo dolls and shamanistic dances.

  • Writing systems and language

    Writing systems and language

    In 2018, around 32 million American adults were illiterate. In 2018, there were also 327.2 million Americans living in the United States, which means that around 9% of Americans were illiterate at the time.