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  • Artificial Intelligence Philosophy

    Artificial Intelligence Philosophy

    What are your thoughts on the concept of a “weak” or “strong” artificial intelligence? And what would the implications of that be? More importantly: how do we define intelligence

  • Recommender Systems

    Recommender Systems

    Recommender systems are integral parts of our lives now, and they have been for decades already. You might already know it as “the algorithm” and it decides what you see on YouTube or Pinterest or even your JetPack reader. In order for them to be effective, it’s common sense to make sure your algorithm ensures…

  • Quick primer on computational linguistics

    Quick primer on computational linguistics

    Computational Linguistics stretches all the way back to the Cold War era, where we built machines to translate Russian to English. This task is called machine translating, or MT.

  • Syntactic processing

    Syntactic processing

    Given a set of linguistic rules that describe how elements of a sentence can be put together, a program called a parser will try to find the best grammatical analysis of a sentence. if it’s ambiguous it will produce all analyses.

  • Imitating humans

    Imitating humans

    Why study artificial intelligence? What do artificial intelligence researchers do?