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  • Artificial Intelligence Philosophy

    Artificial Intelligence Philosophy

    What are your thoughts on the concept of a “weak” or “strong” artificial intelligence? And what would the implications of that be? More importantly: how do we define intelligence

  • More than words

    More than words

    Language is arguably what makes us human. Any Google search will yield millions of writings from people of all occupations— distinguished linguists, biologists, and even philosophers— confirming this finding.

  • Ancient African Feminism

    Ancient African Feminism

    African women in history were afforded rights that women in other places were not, which enabled them to rise to success in multiple areas.

  • Science in classical Africa

    Science in classical Africa

    The history of human scientific advancement is littered with contributions from societies from around the world, yet Africans strangely rarely get credited in this affair.

  • Ancient familiarity with Africa

    Ancient familiarity with Africa

    Modern television shows set in ancient Greece and Rome will probably give viewers the impression that blacks existed only as part of the slave class, like in Antebellum America.